Search Engine Optimization

SEOMind’s Search Engine Optimization services is unsurpassed in the internet marketing industry. We use innovative methods to maximize your website’s exposures.

What’s included in SEOMind’s SEO Services?

  • In-depth SEO site review & audit
  • Keyword Research and Selection
  • Onsite SEO optimization
  • Social Media Markers Optimization
  • Guest Blogging
  • Blog Design & Maintenance
  • Analytics & Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Link Building Campaign
  • Infographics
  • Manual Directory Submissions
  • Initial ranking report
  • Monthly Ranking & Progress Reports
  • Custom Branded Press Releases
  • Optimized, branded & distributed articles

We can take a site from having no exposure in the search engines, to dominating their niche.  We do this by following a detailed process whereby we help in the selection of the most effective keywords, we perform a site review in order to establish or improve on-page optimization, and then adding other elements such as a site map to ensure that all of our on-page elements are covered.

We don’t just build old-school backlinks for your site.  We use cutting edge web 2.0 methods to grow your link popularity, which results in higher rankings and traffic.  Since Google and Bing are now relying on social media markers for their algorithms, we also utilize other methods to generate buzz and votes through social media, infographics, guest blogging, article writing and distribution, etc.  Experience has taught us to remain innovative in this field; our edge is our ability to research the competition and adapt to whatever is needed for your site to succeed.